Our Cooperative Advantage

Our Cooperative Advantage

A cooperative means working together to benefit all; Enthusiastic parent support is what makes our preschool special. Parents gain a fresh perspective on their preschoolers as they share in the learning process while children gain exposure to a variety of people as their worlds expand.

Benefits for the Child:

  • Eases the transition from home to school.
  • Makes social connection easily.
  • Develops sense of security in the process of bonding with others.
  • Allows for more attention via high adult-to-student ratio (1 to 4 in the three-year-old program and 1 to 6 in the four-year-old program).

Benefits for the Parent:

  • Sees their child in relation to peers.
  • Gains an understanding of how their child learns.
  • Encourages relationships with other parents.
  • Develops a sense of ownership in the school.
  • Fosters a close relationship with their child’s teacher.

Benefits for the Teacher:

  • Gets to know each child as an individual and as part of a family.
  • Establishes rapport quickly with parent.
  • Enables seamless ongoing communications with parents.

A child-centered program combined with highly-qualified and dedicated teachers and parent participation has contributed to a warm and caring environment for our students. Parents enrich the school program by serving on a committee or the Board of Directors and by participating in fundraising events.